new here, hi, feel free to comment on my studio setup

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new here, hi, feel free to comment on my studio setup

Post by eireman » 30 Mar 2010, 13:48

Hi all,

first off I am a DJ 1st, producer 2nd and jumped to mac last sept,

after spending weeks tidying up id3 tags in itunes and removing tracks i'll never play i lost my whole music collection after emptying the trash. have since got most of them back but now have many copies of each track scattered in a tidy mess on the mac hd and ex, have rated the best tracks in itunes as a temporary solution until i spend more time removing the duplicates (itunes has now started to freeze every time i open it!!)

I have been piecing my home studio together since sept, which is what i would like some advice on

I am currently using my imac 24" running 10.5.8, 4gb ram with just over 100gb used on my 600 gb hd, 1tb wd mac ex hd, allen & heath zed 12fx, 2 x mackie mr8s, 1 akai mpk61 & 1 x akai apc40

I have been using logic 8, reason 4 and have recently switched to ableton 8.1.1 as my dj software (my plan is to rewire all 3 programs together when i upgrade the ram with 2 x 4gb kingston sticks)

I am upgrading the os to snow leopard and buying a mini mac 2.53ghz next week which i will be using for my gigs (might even upgrade the ram on this over time)

i would like some advice on what way to use all this gear in my home setup considering that i will be using logic and reason on the imac and ableton on the mini mac, therefore i will be using the mpk61 with the imac and the apc40 with the mini mac,

will i be able to get both computers running together and can i expect latency issues and possible port conflicts with my 2 midi controllers?

purchases coming soon will be a 2nd 24" monitor to complement the imac display and any other peripherals i need to get all this gear working 100% with each other.

I hope this makes sense or maybe it doesn't and i dont really need any advice at all, just seems a bit daunting as this is my first studio setup and i just want to get started off on the best possible footing.

bearing in mind this gear is all brand new do you think it's a nice setup in theory? will post pics and vids as soon as all the bits are in place.

looking forward to being an active member on this site in future


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