Need Alpha Testers for new site - Automatic Raffle Entry

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Need Alpha Testers for new site - Automatic Raffle Entry

Post by sssaudio » 21 Jul 2010, 09:56

I am the founder of a company that has created a website for all music industry members. Aside form artists the themselves that also includes everything from production pros (engineers, producers, etc.) to business pros (managers, agents) to businesses and venues all the way to music & instrument instructors.

We will shortly be moving into the Alpha testing phase. As such we need Alpha testers who are willing to join the site as members, use it, invite others, provide feedback and help us work out any bugs before opening it to the public with Beta.

I understand that there are tons of sites out there that claim a lot for the music industry but we really feel this may be a game changer. I also understand that your time is important to you so if you choose to help us we'd at least like to try and provide you with an opportunity to win something. Anyone who joins the site and helps us according to the Alpha testing protocols will be entered to win one of five great products (they will be announced upon the beginning of Alpha testing).

Right now if you think you'd like to participate please just go ahead and PM me with an email address we can add to our list to announce the start of Alpha testing. The email address you provide will ABSOLUTELY NOT be used for anything other than providing you with the information you need to help us. We will NOT be passing you email address on to anyone else for any reason whatsoever. If you think there maybe someone else who would be interested please go ahead and include their email address as well.

All specifics about the site will be provided in an introductory email prior to the Alpha phase beginning. Thanks for your time and help.

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