any tips on using plugins for amp emulation?

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any tips on using plugins for amp emulation?

Post by jrathkopf » 17 Jan 2004, 23:12

i run os 10.2.8 on Powerbook with Logic Audio 6...
does anyone have advice on how to use plugins that already come with logic to help emulate the sound of an amp? amplitube is a bit pricey, and i figured there must be a way to do it if they did it.

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Post by Zameerie » 18 Jan 2004, 04:10

What I do is to use a really good EQ and some slight compression

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Post by jrathkopf » 18 Jan 2004, 13:55

anyone else got ideas? what other things go into cabinet emulation?

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Post by danielbangs » 18 Jan 2004, 14:19

The basic elements of a guitar amp simulation are distortion and EQ. You just have to follow the signal chain and replicate it at each stage.

The first stage is the pre amp which can add both major distortions and gentle "warmth". Logics overdrive plugin if used subtly can give a warmth which can be turned up to a full on distortion if needed. The preamp will have an eq with a wide "Q" factor on either three or four bands.

then there is the speaker cabinet itself. Most will have a slight bass roll off and a boost in the high mids. Also guitar speakers will cut the high frequencies at around 1khz. The cabinet will also exert an amount of distortion on the sound

Then there is the mic on the cabinet which will exert it own distortions on the sound.

To be honest if its an autentic guitar sound you're after your not going to get it like this but what you can produce are interesting sounds that work well in a mix.

I do however recomend an amp simulator like amplitube which has proved invaluable and well worth the money.

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wait for logics new amp sim

Post by gelbin » 18 Jan 2004, 15:16

why not.
the one in garage band is limited, but decent.

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Post by Oakland Stroke » 18 Jan 2004, 15:28

Or, for less than Amplitube, if you don't mind a small piece of hardware, get a Pod or V-Amp.

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