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and another thing!

Post by wishforwings » 21 Dec 2004, 22:18

Company : Apple

Technology: DAW mixing desk

Product: Imagine Digi's ICON desk- but better, and in clear or white plastic or brushed aluminum cheese-grater finish, with Logic built-in, plus superdrive, plus one or two 30" monitors and an insane amount of memory and processor power, environment-tuned reference monitors that are laser guided to adjust to where the listener is, so as to keep them in the sweet spot if the person listening needs to move out of the sweet spot to work with some outboard gear or whatever (i know...), a pull-out drawer, big enough to support a full 88 keys and more and all of the other great features I listed in my laptop-style DAW post. Plus, a big FAT glowing Apple logo on every side of the desk.

Timeframe: Hahahahahaha!!!!

Prediction: Digi will shit themselves.

Reason: It would be funny to see a massive price drop in Digidesign's equipment because of fear of competition.

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Re: The Nostrodamus Pool

Post by gearslut » 01 Mar 2005, 09:32

Company :yamaha



Timeframe:this year

Prediction:yamaha will buy steinberg from pinnacle. the reason behind this being the fear of being left behind. it all started when avid bought digi. apple bought eMagic, sony has continued to buy into software companies. pinnacle was doing very little for steinberg. yamaha will jump on the opportunity to scoop steinberg to secure it's future.
this should bode well for cubase/nuendo users that lust after the plethora of features that logic, protools and sonar have sported.
however the real nostradamii amongst us will reveal who will purchase MotU.
stay tuned.

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Post by Heritage » 01 Mar 2005, 09:51

Welcome back!

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