Thread For Drunk People!!!!

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Re: Thread For Drunk People!!!!

Post by foldedSoul » 20 Aug 2009, 16:00

This place is getting way too serious, Prost!

wtf is Kanker btw?
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Re: Thread For Drunk People!!!!

Post by Timbo » 09 Nov 2010, 02:33

Er, is there anybody here????

Over a YEAR since someone posted here. Come on you people. Isn't there ANYBODY getting drunk these days?

Must be the bloody Recession/Banking crisis/Immanentization of the Eschaton...
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Re: Thread For Drunk People!!!!

Post by Fatnurse » 09 Nov 2010, 06:03

so pissed cant see the maybe
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Re: Thread For Drunk People!!!!

Post by Urs » 09 Nov 2010, 09:47

I drank so much of my brains out, I completely forgot this thread :oops: <- UHBIK, Zebra, Filterscape, More Feedback Machine, Triple Cheese, ask for Zoyd UB

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