Little list of tips and tricks (and a Wiki)

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Little list of tips and tricks (and a Wiki)

Post by hoffman2k » 05 Oct 2005, 06:33

Live Users Wiki

Ableton Live videos on YouTube

Tips and tricks


- Sidechain compression tutorial (Live)

- Another sidechain compression tutorial

- Sidechain compression tutorial (Live + Reaktor)

- Using autopan as a compressor

Dummy clips

- A tutorial on how to use dummy clips

- Choose impulse drumkits with a single clip

- Modulating live input on a synth

Tips, tricks and downloads for Live's devices

- Bigger kits with the impulse

- Various tips and tricks about Live's plugins, splitting keyboards,...

- Simpler beatbox

- Chord and scale MIDI plug-in presets

- Syncing loops in simpler

- The Utility Trick - How to Isolate sounds

- Velocity switching with impulse and simpler

- Live 5's Arp: 2 little tips

- Make an exciter: get your high end sounding tight

- A little guide to making some operator patches

- EQ 4 as Resonant Filter

- Dirty monophonic step sequencer / Download .als file

- Machinate's step sequencer thread

- May your bass be smooth and your transients never be shaved

Tips, tricks and downloads regarding Live's features

- Follow actions to mess up arrangement

- A great trick with the sends in Live 5

- Morphing delay times without automation

- Cool half-time effect

- How To Warp A Whole Track with relative Success

- Funky Breaks

- Follow actions on scenes

- Bidule for audio to midi in Live - notes and CC

- Automat (OSX) Sidechaining Trick (midi gate, envelope, lfo, etc.)

- How to automate CC's within ableton

- Groover - automating the "nudge forward" button (PC)

- Keeping note's on your sets by adding your own lessons (live 4)

- Keeping note's on your sets by adding your own lessons (live 5)

- PHAT BEATS -- the percussion routing of the nefilim

- Doing it the Kid Beyond way

- Syncing two computers running Live

- Emulating a turntable scratch

Tips, tricks and downloads about 3rd party devices or applications

- A tutorial on how to get started with Plogue Bidule

- Instant Crazy drummer with Plogue Bidule

- Trigger Fruity patterns the Live way

- How to use TWO audio interfaces with Live (MacOS X)

- Looping with mackie control emulation

- Re-assigning mousewheel to zoom (script)

- Handy Autokeys script for mouseless DJing (PC)

- Live + Bidule audio looper

- Show/Hide browser script (pc)

- Virus TI and Live 5 tutorial

- Pioneer DJM-800 | Configure Live for 4 or 8 tracks

- Vocoder Tutorial with Live

- VST Distortion Tutorial Using Ableton Live

- MIDI Beat Juggling Template

- Tutorial: building a synth in Plogue Bidule

- Setting up Mackie Emulation Mode with the BCR

- Thread on how people use their BCRs

- Knob sensitivity on the BCR

- Original 'sticky' for the SL

- General SL discussion

Great posts, links and articles

- Breaking mental block using old songs as templates...

- Chordhouse: a good place for finding chords and scales

- MIDI Note Number to Frequency Conversion Chart

- Articles on analog and digital audio by Bob Katz

- Basic Concepts of Analog Modular Synthesis

- Mackie Control MIDI map

- Good article on latency

Plug-in resources

- Website where you can get all the latest audio freeware for mac and pc

- Angstrom's vst plugins for pc

- Amo's Movie player plugin for mac and pc

- A free plug-ins thread

- MIDI Ox, MIDI Yoke

- ASIO 4 All

- Long list of plugins (mostly pc)

- VST -> OSC Bridge

Free Samples

- Here

- And Here

The Live performance test

- Live Performance Test - Results

- Live Performance Test - Discussion

Wallpapers, splash screens and skins

- Custom Live 6 slash screens here

- Ableton desktop wallpapers

- Klinikal's kick ass black skins for Live
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Post by franjipane » 05 Oct 2005, 07:48

Brilliant! thanks for that! And thanks to all those who originally posted these tuts and tips! :D
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Post by Lampmeister » 05 Oct 2005, 09:03

Well cool! Cheers hoffman2k, much appreciated.


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Post by hoffman2k » 17 Dec 2005, 11:45

I updated the list a bit..

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Post by mostaware » 10 Jan 2006, 08:18

this needs to get a sticky
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Post by bassntreble » 10 Jan 2006, 09:06

this needs to get a sticky
let me see if I can get an admin to do this....
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Post by hoffman2k » 28 Jan 2006, 12:10

bassntreble wrote:
this needs to get a sticky
let me see if I can get an admin to do this....
Cheers :D

I cleaned up the list. And it's a bit bigger now :wink:

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Post by hoffman2k » 16 May 2006, 12:30

added a link to the new Live wiki.

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Post by hoffman2k » 19 Oct 2006, 13:18

Cleaned up the list again.

Visit the covert operators website for more articles and goodies for live 6

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Post by Storlon » 17 Apr 2008, 05:30

I add this from the wonderfull "Stuff in Live you wish you figured out a long time ago"
thread at ab forum.
As far as I know, PC users substitute 'COMMAND' with 'ALT' and 'ALT' with 'CTRL'

Live shortcuts & alternative controls for certain functions.

Duplicate = COMMAND+D.

Disable Grid = COMMAND+4 (or hold COMMAND whilst selecting note or note start/end).

Select Looped = COMMAND+SHIFT+L.

Resize/Move Loop braces = cursor keys or COMMAND+cursor keys.

In arrange view loop selected = COMMAND+L.

In arrange view consolidate multiple selected clips = COMMAND+J.

Playback from current position = SHIFT+SPACEBAR.

Trigger selected clip slot = RETURN.

Switch Clip/Track view = SHIFT+TAB.

Move clip from session to arrange & vica versa = Click and hold on clip then press TAB.

Stop focus moving when triggering clips (all clips) = In prefs > Record/Warp/Launch > Select on Launch > select 'off'.

Stop focus moving when triggering clips (selected clips) = CTRL+Click desired clip > select 'Select on Launch (Pref)'.

Preferences = COMMAND+,.

Adjust all track widths = hold ALT while adjusting.

Record Enable Track = F9.

Slower response while changing track levels = Hold COMMAND while moving fader.

Show hide plugin windows = COMMAND+ALT+P.

Stop browser preview = ESC.

In browser alternate navigation/previewing = left & right cursor keys.

Zoom to loop = Click on the word "length".

Zoom to position = Click on the word "position".

Zoom out 100% = Double click the bottom clip overview tab.

Zoom to specific portion = Use start and end of bottom clip overview like loop braces.

Alternate scrolling in MIDI clips = COMMAND+ALT+Drag.

Show/Hide overview in session view = COMMAND+ALT+O.

Show/Hide Info View = SHIFT+/.

Mute/Unmute tracks 1-8 = F1-F8.

Time compress/expand MIDI notes = right-click with all notes selected then select 'stretch notes'.

Insert silence in arrange view/scene in session view = COMMAND+I.

Drag multiple files to individual tracks = Hold COMMAND whilst dragging files in.

Unfold all arrange tracks = ALT+Click a track arrow icon.

Alternative velocity control in MIDI editor = COMMAND+Click note+drag.

Duplicate note in MIDI editor = ALT+Click note+drag.

Render tracks as individual files = In render dialog change "Master" to "All Tracks".

Assign twice as many qwerty keys to live = SHIFT.

Restrict automation point movement to vertical axis = COMMAND+Drag.

Scroll drum racks 1 row at a time = COMMAND+Drag.

View multiple plugin windows = In prefs > Look/Feel > Auto-Hide Plugin Windows > select 'off'.

Edit info text for tracks and devices to make notes = CTRL+Click > select 'Edit Info Text'.

Create note with draw mode off = Double Click.

Remove stop buttons to avoid clips stopping when changing scenes = Select clip slot > COMMAND+E (or enable 'Legato' launch mode).

General Tips.

*Hidden buttons visible when in midi or key assign mode =
scene up/down (in master track).
per track play button - launches selected clip in track.

*Entering bpm in the scene launch buttons title sets bpm when launched.

*Click the headphone icon in midi editor to enable vertical keyboard to preview related sound.

*While MIDI synced to external machine hosting Live ALT+SPACEBAR on the sync slave causes it to sync to the masters current song position. (remedy for sync drifting without stopping and starting).

*Remember to experiment with the default live rack presets especially the DJ/Performance ones.

*GIGA libraries can be exported to Sampler then deleted (if required), as all samples are copied to the library.

*Mac users check out a free app called Soundsource. It adds an audio prefs selector to the menu-bar.

*OSX Function keys = ALT+F1/F2 opens Display Prefs, ALT+F3/F4/F5 opens Sound Prefs, ALT+F8/F9/F10 opens Keyboard & Mouse Prefs.

*When a new version of Live is released. Open Info Window (SHIFT+/) and hover any new parameters, fields or preferences.

*Multiple tracks can be selected and frozen simultaneously.

*Drag and drop tracks directly from iTunes for DJing.

*Dragging a sample onto a plugin instrument will replace the instrument with an instance of Simpler containing that sample.

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Re: Little list of tips and tricks (and a Wiki)

Post by dauntless » 15 Apr 2010, 06:11

Hey, thanks for the awesome list of tips and tricks. I've been getting more and more into Ableton of late and this list really does point me in the right direction!
Cheers for the post! :)

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Re: Little list of tips and tricks (and a Wiki)

Post by JLIT » 03 Jul 2012, 08:46

Truly awesome list you have compiled, thank you!

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Re: Little list of tips and tricks (and a Wiki)

Post by audiobroonzy » 29 Aug 2014, 05:11

Loving this list...thanks!

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Re: Little list of tips and tricks (and a Wiki)

Post by audiowhite » 20 Apr 2015, 23:53

wow.-.What a list. Will be trawling through this later. Thanks
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