Wave Arts FinalPlug 5- thoughts?

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Wave Arts FinalPlug 5- thoughts?

Post by macintard » 04 Jul 2011, 14:22

I've been using the demo of the entire Wave Arts Power Suite, and since I cannot afford all 5 plugs, I'm considering the FinalPlug. The demo runs out in a day or two, and I could use some advice. All-in-all, I like what it does, but I confess that using a plug like this is somewhat new to me. Are there others like it, in this price range (I think WA is selling it for $150 currently), that you would recommend before I pull out the credit card?

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Re: Wave Arts FinalPlug 5- thoughts?

Post by G » 05 Jul 2011, 15:32

I'd recommend grabbing a demo of:

Izotope Ozone ($249)
Waves limiters L1 ($160), L2 ($200), L3 ($280)
PSP VintageWarmer ($149)
PSP Xenon ($249)

I did a demo comparison of these (except Xenon), Wave Arts FinalPlug and Elemental Audio Finalis (R.I.P.) a couple of years ago, and ended up liking Ozone the most on the music I usually handle here. FinalPlug was milky smooth, but couldn't handle as much level. The Waves stuff was more expensive at the time, and the fancy new L3 smeared far too much. VintageWarmer has a brickwall limiting mode, but it's also brutal (not always bad!). I haven't played with PSP Xenon yet.

Don't worry too much about losing Finalis as an option, either. It fared worst of the lot.
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Re: Wave Arts FinalPlug 5- thoughts?

Post by funkyappledog » 05 Jul 2011, 15:45

I have found nothing really as good,
Re the Handling of Hot Level i pre insert a gainer to make sure the level is not already clipping,with FP's trusty metering you can easily set the gainer whilst watching youve got a perfect input to start with and not an overloaded one.These things are sensitive and correct input level is crucial.Most brickwall limiting will turn audio into mush if abused so in that respect FP is no different.

Its transparent and you can use it on individual tracks and most certainly on the mix buss.
I have my default song template with this inserted and mix in to it quite happily from the start.
I also like the visual feedback as its reassuring to both hear and see exactly whats going on.

In all my use of it and i auditioned around 5 hot contenders, Final Plug was the most effective and transparent.
A few other plugs (ozone)did funny things to the bottom end and seemed over complicated with less reliable results.I like the fact that its not hit or miss it is reliable and low on cpu.
No Brainer,Its a winner.
The other Limiter i purchased was the Sonnox,the two together are great for smashed loudness,also Wave's Puigchild is excellent with a touch of colour and "The Glue" for the value is great
but the staple workhorse problem solver for me is always the transparent FP.

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Re: Wave Arts FinalPlug 5- thoughts?

Post by ottoman42a » 07 Jul 2011, 18:38

Everything Funky has already said I agree with. I use it in almost all my mixes. Its a great plug.
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Re: Wave Arts FinalPlug 5- thoughts?

Post by steff3 » 07 Aug 2011, 09:18

Well, I would definitely also look at:
Izotope Ozone
Voxengo Elephant
PSP Xenon

from the Wavearts series I like the MultiDynamics a lot, trackplug is ok IMHO

hope that helps


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