Delete Doubles in Reason 4??

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Delete Doubles in Reason 4??

Post by pimple » 22 May 2008, 20:53

I'm an ex Cubase user - and I'm now sequencing in Reason 4.
It's a decent sequencer these days, takes a while to get used to a new one and some things are counter intuitive... anyway....

How do you delete doubles in Reason 4?

What I mean for those who don't know Cubase - is that when there are duplicate midi events in the same hole, how do I delete one of them without dragging all of them to check there are no duplicates then deleting one by one?

In Cubase - this is called delete doubles. It seems like a very simple function and it's key to easy sequencer use.

I'd be very grateful for any help



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Post by manos » 15 Aug 2008, 01:58

you can't move them one by one because your editing window it has kind of a grey color! if you double click on the editing window, or on the notes you want to move individually then the notes will change color and become red and you just click on them and move them or delete them!

hope its what you wanted to know!

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Post by tukindz » 03 Dec 2008, 06:52

I don't think there is such a feature in reason.

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