My first project using Record & Reason.

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My first project using Record & Reason.

Post by Slovenec » 14 May 2011, 01:53

I've mucked around with Record and Reason for the last few months but hadn't gotten to the point of actually producing something meaningful with this combo...... until a few days ago!

A client wants several 'midi only' tracks for his video production and I decided that if I didn't pull my finger out and do something, then I never will! What are my impressions????

a). Everything is very self explanatory and I didn't open any online help files which is a good thing IMHO.
b). I have a very large 3rd party sound library thanks to all the Sonic Reality refills that I picked up for a bargain price last year (I love the Miroslav Philharmonic stuff!). Reason's stock sound library is lacking IMHO! They really need to do something and improve this area (oh I forgot, Propellerheads are also in the business of selling refills aren't they???? LOL).
c). I haven't gotten so far as to do any serious midi or audio editing (besides doing a few little tweaks in the piano roll editor). I'm confused as to how I can easily get into serious editing.
d). I really love the Record SSL mixer and I could happily use just it's eq and dynamics processing for a lot of my work.
e). Record/Reason need an improved convolution reverb that fits in with the 21st century.... RV7000 whilst a nice sounding reverb is sadly now lacking in this day and age!

That's all i can report for now. I'm going to continue getting into using this combo :)
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