Pay What You Want for the Synth Nation Reason Refill

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Pay What You Want for the Synth Nation Reason Refill

Post by SirSedric » 06 Oct 2011, 10:45

Don't miss out on your opportunity to get these synth and drum Refills for the price YOU want to pay!
Only lasts 'til Oct. 31st. so don't wait too long!


I'm sure by now, anyone who's interested has heard of the most recent Propellerheads Reason offer…Anyone who already owns Reason and Record, ANY version, get to Pay What You Want on the Reason 6 upgrade.

We are amazed with what Props is offering, and we absolutely love the idea of using the Pay What You Want system.

So amazed, that we decided to follow suit, to give something to the community with a similar sense of generosity that they have shown.

That's why SampleFiends and -008' are BOTH offering some pretty awesome Refills and letting you Pay What You Want. Over $100 worth of Refills for as low as $20!

SampleFiends is offering the recently-released Synth Nation Refill. It boasts over 1000 all-original patches, all internally programmed in Reason's amazing, included synth devices, and all geared towards hip-hop, rap, trap, techno, electro, dustup, house and any other kinds of urban and electronic dance music. Any genre that can use huge basses, ripping leads and mids, powerful stacked synths and analog-inspired rhythm synths… there's something for everyone's synthesizer tastes here.

Check out the Synth Nation Demo Tracks at Soundcloud! Padded Weight and Styles for Miles.

-008 is also offering all of his drum-based Refills. Any of the five available Refills can be purchased for whatever price you wish. This includes Crates 2, DruMutations, Hitman Drums 2 and Hip-Hop Beats and Kits. You'll get drum flavors ranging from old-school, fat vinyl drums to modern, huge slapping drum sounds, percussive madness, huge 808-based sounds, inspirational kits and way more if you grab all 4 of his Refills!

From now until the end of October, as long as Props is being generous, so are we!
Minimum is $4, that's up to 90% off! Get all 5 by visiting both sites!

Head over to our sites and check out the deals!

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