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Name Mangler 3

Post by G » 01 Mar 2013, 22:22

Heads up! Name Mangler 3 is out, and it's $10 until tomorrow (tonight?). This mass-file renaming utility has saved me from monotony many times, so I upgraded before reading the full spiel. Then I started playing around. Along with the very cool multi-step processing (a lá Automtator), it can now pull metadata from media files and use that for names! Loving this.

My only gripe is that it uses a format like "320 kBit/s" for audio bit rate, and that slash is danger waiting to happen. Luckily, you can drop in a regex right behind it, or a normally-aspirated (and easier for beginners) Find and Replace. Fixed.

You can save presets as well. I'm calling this one "Prep Audio for Upload" since it drops spaces out for Unix friendliness, then adds duration and bit rate to the file name.
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