10.9 clean install vs. keeping everything simple

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10.9 clean install vs. keeping everything simple

Post by ty604 » 30 Nov 2013, 17:31

I know with OS X clean installs aren't necessarily needed but I've heard that it still might be good if you've been using your system for a couple years installing tons of various programs etc. How could it hurt right?

I am asking the question because I am weighing the advantages against the time it takes to install a new OS + Logic etc.

I've already backed everything up and I don't have a lot of things to replace. Basically just Adobe CC suite and Logic X. I do have a lot of Logic projects though and you know how not fun it is to make sure project plugin settings etc match up. I mean I obviously have those backed up too but there's always that what if and/or rebuilding of the projects.

What do you think? Would I have to rebuild Logic projects anyway since I'm upgrading from Logic 9 to X?

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