Noise Generator + FFT

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Noise Generator + FFT

Post by miallen » 09 Feb 2015, 00:13

I need to generate white noise on OSX, run it through some outboard analog gear and then route it back to OSX for FFT display. The DAC / ADC is a MOTU unit w/ Cuemix. Can someone recommend software for accomplishing this task?

I tried playing an mp3 of white noise downloaded from the net, running the out into an input and then viewing it in the Cuemix FFT window but of course it didn't work. The response was not at all flat.

Presumably there is some software that can generate the noise and display the FFT. Meaning something specifically designed to analyze the frequency response of something?

Any ideas?

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Re: Noise Generator + FFT

Post by audiowhite » 11 May 2015, 07:02

NI Massive works for me....Plenty of noise types to choose from
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