OSX Mavericks Software Maintenance and Security HELP!

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OSX Mavericks Software Maintenance and Security HELP!

Post by Rockdaset » 24 May 2015, 05:46

Hello Everyone,
Thank you for reading this post. I have a Retina MBP. It is my only production machine. I produce music and now I am venturing into producing video for DJ's and Performers. I am wondering if there is a tried and true method of maintaining a clean and secure Mac using OSX Mavericks. I have not updated to Yosemite because I am nervous that it may have issues with my current software.

I am looking to make sure that there are no old files, duplicates and crap on my computer so it maintains it's awesome performance. I use OnyX, CleanAoo, Duplicate Detector (Which sucks unless you give every file a unique name, for instance Ableton Live, chopping and cutting. This will destroy your projects as it will delete any files that may share the same name but are actually different).

I am sure there are many options so I think the community would benefit greatly.
Thank you all in advance.

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