Lexicon MX200 questions...

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Lexicon MX200 questions...

Post by rachel » 17 May 2006, 03:30

I've just bought a Lexicon MX200 rack FX unit, to replace my poor old Quadraverb
that has finally made its last noise.

I haven't got it yet, but I am new to some of the concepts that this device offers.

I understand it can work just like an AU in Logic, via the USB interface and then
the SPDIF IO ports.

I have never used SPDIF before, so I was wondering if anyone who has,
especially if they're using an MX200, could explain to me how to get it all
working within Logic.

I have also just obtained for myself a MOTU 828, which is how I intend to use
the SPDIF interface, so that gives some idea of my working environment.

Basically I am wondering how to present the SPDIF routings in Logic and OSX.

I think, if I understand the MX200 docos properly, you have to create an
insert effect and then you can program an audio track to play through it.

What about using it as an insert while recording external audio to the 828's
analogue inputs? Is that possible - do I need to use the IO plugin or something?

I want to be as versatile as possible when setting the MX200, so any advice
on how to get the most out of it would be very helpful!


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Post by rachel » 30 May 2006, 17:17

Surely I cannot be the only person on this forum that has this product?!


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Post by Theo » 31 May 2006, 01:27

I have this unit but use it for live music and not with Logic. But from my understanding, the 'Audio Unit' is nothing more than a remote control interface to use within Logic to control the hardware.

So, you're going to be routing audio in and out of Logic through the MX200 just as you would with your audio interface and any external hardware fx device. The only difference with the MX200 is you have a visual interface within Logic to work with the programs on the MX200.

If you want to use the S/PDIF connections on your MOTU those would probably be Inputs 9-10 and Outputs 9-10 (you'll need to confirm this). You'll wanna take the S/PDIF out of your MOTU to the S/PDIF in of your MX200. Then take the S/PDIF out of your MX200 to S/PDIF in of your MOTU. Read a bit about using the I/O plugin in Logic and you'll be set to use this as an insert or a send in Logic.

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Post by BKK-OZ » 06 Nov 2006, 02:29

hey Rachel - if you are still out there-

how did you go with your MX200? I am thinking about getting the MX400 - did you get good support here in Oz?

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Post by roman » 06 Nov 2006, 03:25

with LAP it is a bit more tricky than with PT TDM or steinberg apps
to insert hardware effects - but surely possible.

i would recommend you to use your 828 mkII control panel
to reconfigure the routing of the thing, and not logic audio,
doing some delay compensation by ear should be enough
for a delay/reverb effect.

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Re: Lexicon MX200 questions...

Post by rachel » 28 Aug 2014, 21:41

sorry to raise a thread from the dead. I lost touch with this forum for a long time. Then I started working with MX-200 again and here I am, looking for answers. I have got MX-200 working again on OSX Mavericks. The MXedit and 1.8 firmware updates both work on the 64bit OSX. So it is still a useful tool to have in the setup.

This might help anyone looking for answers, as the Lexicon download page does not mention 64bit Mac, but there is
a report they updated everything. It will work so long as you use the 1.8 firnware.

I am now using OSX 10.9.4 and Mainstage 3.0.4 after moving from Logc 6.4.3 on Snow Leopard. I have a 2008 Mac Pro
that straddles both 32 & 64 bit OS so that makes it terrific for my purposes. The 2008 Mac Pro is so cheap now and so
powerful it is probably the best music computer, even if it 6 years old. But it is the one that supports 32 & 64 bit OS,
so I can boot back SL anytime. The MX200 is working fine with this setup now, much better than SL, so I think Lexicon
products are OK. Unlike the TASCAM 1804 which I am selling as they have no intention of maintaining 64bit drivers
for Mac with it. The 15 year old MOTU 828 I have runs just fine on 10.9.4 so there it is....

Sorry to necro this thread, but it may help someone...


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Re: Lexicon MX200 questions...

Post by G » 28 Aug 2014, 21:50

Welcome back, rachel!

I believe thread resurrection is fine in cases like this, where the info is still perfectly relevant. We often deal with gear and OS situations that span many years. I've also never understood some people's visceral reaction to 'raising a dead thread', but maybe that's just me.

And I agree about the 2008 Mac Pro. I've started checking out the rest of the Mac lineup to see how I'd replace this beast in the coming year (if I had to), and it's still a tough choice. Not bad for an ancient 6-year-old machine.
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Re: Lexicon MX200 questions...

Post by Stash » 17 Nov 2016, 23:43

The MX200 plugin works fine under 32 Lives in 64 bit mode.

The plugin is only a remote control and parameter saver for the device.

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