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Got something that’s newsworthy in the recording and pro audio realm for the Mac? We want to know about your new products and major updates. Be as detailed as you can and we’ll usually be more than happy to turn it into a front page article here on macOS Audio. This is not paid placement. We do not charge for news posts.

If there’s not enough “story” for the front page, please feel welcome to discuss the latest happenings on our forums or Facebook Group. Theses are also the perfect places to announce minor updates, templates, sound banks and sample sets, unless you can convince us they are front page worthy (for example, if the latest update is actually the first release for the Mac).


Be sure to include a website URL so we can link to you. If you have a full press release written up, by all means include it, attach it, or point us to it. We’ll also need at least one full-sized product photo or screen shot. More images, audio demos and videos are even better. If you can make a product demo or NFR available to us, we would love to be as familiar with your work as possible.

Thank you for your support!